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spacer2Beyerdynamic M500 Ribbon Microphone for Sale - $495.00

Re-ribboned in 2011 by Steve Sank with an RCA 77-DX ribbon and electronics modified

beyer mic

Steve Sank is the son of the late Jon R. Sank who was the designer of some of the last and best of RCA's ribbon microphones. I personally delivered this microphone to Steve during a trip to California and picked it up a week later when he had completed the re-ribboning. This is a great sounding ribbon microphone you can use on any sound source for accurate, transparent results. Ribbons must be handled carefully and not placed too close to extremely loud sound sources. They have a lower output than condenser microphones so it takes a good preamp with a good amount of gain. If you don't have a preamp capable of achieving enough gain without adding noise, I highly recommend using a Cloudlifter (designed by Steve Sank) which adds 25 db of quiet gain and runs on phantom power. For those new to ribbon microphones, you definitely DO NOT want to send phantom power to your ribbon microphone because it will fry the ribbon.
Below are two links to interesting articles on the M500 and the Steve Sank modification:


If you are interested in purchasing this microphone, you can contact me at:
210-445-0412 or

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