If you're serious about having a website to enhance, promote, diversify, or expand your business, then your first concern should be quality hosting! There's lots of other important key factors in effective web deployment, but without the optimum hosting solution, they're all meaningless. What good can great design, well organized navigation, properly processed graphics, cohesive theme, etc.......accomplish if the server's running slow as molasses? The answer is: NONE! Without being on a state of the art server with the right software and connection to the internet, 50 to 75% of people finding your site will click their way elsewhere and the few that stay will probably get impatient with the slow downloading. If you have a commercial site that develops some technical problems (such as; won't load, broken links, email not working, whatever....), and you can't raise technical support to fix it, and you're losing potential sales by the minute, you might be just a little frustrated! We speak from experience!

Why we became Simplicity Hosting Affiliates

We've done a tremendous amount of research on web hosting companies and finally found a reliable one we can count on and so can you. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate and getting paid a commision for representing first class hosting services, visit the Simplicity Hosting Affiliates page for more info. If you need a serious dedicated server click on the the banner below this text and if you would like all the features of a dedicated server for a killer price, click on the banner above.

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